White 2017

Crozes Hermitage White 2017

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Wine growing Estate :
Emmanuel Darnaud
21 Rue du stade
26600 La Roche de Glun (Drôme - Vallée du Rhône Nord - France)

Appellation : Crozes-Hermitage

Colour :

Vintage :

Hervest dates :
September 1, 2017

Grape variety :
100 % Marsanne


Soil :
Glacial alluvium composed of rolled pebbles (in the area of the village of Pont de l'Isère) or soil of loess on granitic sands (in the area of the village of Crozes-Hermitage)

Age of vineyards : Less than 25 years for the vineyards of Pont de l'Isère and more than 50 years for the vineyards of Crozes-Hermitage

Cultivation :
Ploughed soils, manual grape-picking

Winemaking/Maturing : Soft extraction of the juices (pneumatic pressoir), maturation and ageing in oak barrels (during 11 months)

Wine testing : Color : Brilliant and bright, sightly golden

Nose : Expressive, notes of acacia flowers, of yellow fruit and a touch of hazelnut

Mouth : All in delicacy and finesse, it is straight and tightened, underlined by a beautiful material. Subtle pairing of fruit mixed with a slender and living structure

Good with : In its youth, this wine will enhance the soft textures of a Sea bream tartare with a passion fruit dressing or with a fresh goat cheese served on a salad. In its development, it will be perfect with a roasted poultry with foie gras served with a few ravioles. A well aged Salers cheese will reveal it too

Laying down :
1 to 5 years

History of the vintage

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